Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How to upgrade from EDAP Tools free to Premium?
A: After you buy a license you just activate your Premium version via EDAPT License Manager in SMR Helpers panel. This will unlock all premium features.

Q: Are you following Adobe’s subscription model for the Premium version?
A: No. Purchasing a license requires a one-time payment only. Licenses never expire. They are permanently valid for the EDAP Tools version they were purchased for. This also includes any hotfixes and minor updates that may be released for the same version of the tools.

Q: I have more than one version of Animate and Flash on my computer. Do I need separate licenses for each of them?
A: No. The 1 activation license allows you to use EDAP Tools Premium on all versions of Flash and Animate installed on one device at any given time.

Q: I have two computers. Do I need to buy two licenses?
A: No. You can activate and use your license on any device. Once it is activated on a new device EDAP Tools Premium features will be deactivated on your other computer.

Q: We are a studio. Do you offer license packages?
A: Yes, we do. Currently you can buy 5, 10 or 25 activations as a single package. These are specifically designed for studio environments and are managed by one Administrator.


Q: What is your refunds policy?
A: We will return your money, if within 7 days of purchase you submit a refund claim with a video (screen capture), clearly demonstrating that you cannot activate the premium features on your computer.
When the refund is processed your license key will be revoked.

Please note: Refund requests without video demonstrations and those submitted after 7 days of purchase will not be processed.

Q: How to submit a refund claim?
A: To submit a refund claim, please use this email address or our Contact Form.

Type in “Refund claim” as the subject of your message.
In the body quote

  • your order number
  • date of purchase
  • and put a link to a video* demonstrating the tools’ inability to register and activate premium features

*The video should be recorded, using a screen capture software, such as OBS Studio or any of the available online screen recorders (not a phone camera), show the whole screen and demonstrate that when you paste your License Key into EDAPT License Manager‘s input field and press the Activate button the activation fails and you cannot unlock the premium features.

Q: How long does it take to process refund requests?
A: Refund requests will be processed by us within 7 days. It is then up to the payment processor (Stripe) to return your money. It will take them additional time to do so. We have no control over this. Read more on Stripe’s website…